Platform News

Date Sector Description
2018-06-02Global application interventionToday (2018-06-02) between 06PM and 24PM, it is possible to have occasional short-term anomalies in the operation of the CeaseFire platform. This activity included in the process of evolution of the platform is due to the fact that several changes and optimizations will be made in the same.
2017-12-19Evolution of platform -> from MDMF to CEASEFIREWith the objective of a continuous evolution of the services and information provided, it was carried out in this date the discontinuation of the previous MDMF platform and the start of the new platform CEASEFIRE. We highlight the implementation of a new Danger area called Outlook.
2017-08-01Server MaintenanceDue to the maintenance on the university servers from 10:00 p.m. on 1 August, some disturbances may occur. The operation is expected to be completed by 9:00 am on 2 August. We apologize for the inconvenience.
2017-06-17PlatformSince 4:00 pm GMT yesterday, 2017-06-16, the platform, as well as other college websites, has been down due to problems in the facultys own servers. Every effort is being made. We apologize for the situation that was beyond our control.
2017-06-17PlatformThe problems felt at the end of yesterday and today were overtaken and the platform was up-to-date and fully functional. Even though it is not planned, due to some instability of the various servers, some problems may arise during tomorrow (Sunday). We apologized for the inconvenience.
2017-04-21Update and new featuresUpdate anvdnew features in the platform: 1. New language added to the page - English 2. In the danger area a button was added for visualization with detailed information of fires. This information is provided by the National Civil Protection Authority (ANPC) on its website ( 3. In the data visualization / download area the wind variable is now given by speed and direction 4. In the Canadian System area, it is possible to access a test page with images of static probability, anomaly of static probability and fire danger for Mediterranean Europe
2016-08-28PlatformDue to University updates, access flaws or incorrect viewing could be detected. Every effort to minimize the impacts are being made.
2016-08-18Historic DataNew sector with Fire Danger maps
2016-08-18 Canadian SystemNew maps with values of the Canadian System variables
2016-07-27Danger90th percentile line added to the chart area
2016-07-27DangerDistinction of active and non-active fires
2016-07-13PlatformNew interface
2016-07-13Home PageUser needs to accept the disclaimer
2016-07-05Fire DangerNew sector with maps, values and description of Fire Danger, Potential Ignition and Aftermath
2016-06-30SupervisionAccess control, download limitation and expiration time defined by each manager
2016-06-23Fire Danger25, 50 and 75th percentile line added to the chart area
2016-06-22Home PageNew table with platform news, changes and updates