Analyses of human exposure to urban air quality in a children population

Garcia, J.N.P.M., Coelho L.M.R., Gouveia C.M.P., Cerdeira R.S.S., Louro C.S.C., Ferreira T.M.F.B. and Baptista M.N.A.
International Journal of Environment and Pollution, 40 (1-3), 94-108.

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PM with less than 2.5 ?m and 10 ?m and their effect on children health are studied and it is proposed a ventilation system to avoid outdoor air pollution inlet. Results reveal a positive correlation between indoor and outdoor PM concentrations, the importance of indoor sources and outdoor activity, and building permeability relevance. PM size confirms to be also important in matter of deposition velocity, building penetration and health effects. Some relation between CO and attended urgent cases in the city hospital was found. The effect of seasonality is also noticed in children health problems and PM concentration.