The influence of weather types on the monthly average maximum and minimum temperatures in the Iberian Peninsula

D. Peña-Angulo, R.M. Trigo, N. Cortesi, J.C. González-Hidalgo
Atmospheric Research 178–179 217–230. doi:

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The climate of the Iberian Peninsula is highly variable due to geographic and atmospheric factors. To better understand and characterize this variability in this work a stepwise regression procedure is used to model the relationship between the atmospheric circulation patterns (expressed by weather types) and the monthly mean value of maximum and minimum temperatures in the Iberian Peninsula (1950–2010). The study uses a temperature database with high spatial resolution that allows the estimation of the type and strength of the relationship between weather types and temperatures, and also the definition of spatial areas with specific behaviors for each month. The results show that estimations are better for Tmin than Tmax, during winter months than summer ones, and in coastal areas than inland. The analyses of directional weather types and temperature show a generalized adiabatic processes across Iberian Peninsula affecting Tmax, not detected in Tmin.