On the new parameterization of the eddy diffusivity for radioactive pollutant dispersion

Moreira D, Soares PMM, Goulart AG, Vilhena MT
International Journal of Nuclear Energy Science and Tecnology, 6(2):166-176, DOI: 10.1504/IJNEST.2011.041650

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In the present work, starting from the evolution equation for the turbulent energy density spectrum, we develop a new model for the growth of the turbulence in convective boundary layer. We apply dimensional analysis to parameterise the unknown inertial transport and convective source term in the dynamic equation for the three-dimensional spectrum. The non-linear integrodifferential equation is solved by Adomian decomposition method. Using the micrometeorological parameters generated by large eddy simulation, for the first time, we employ the vertical component of the energy spectrum to calculate the eddy diffusivity (required in dispersion models). This new eddy diffusivity is used in the GILTT approach to simulate ground-level concentrations considering experimental data of Angra I Nuclear Power Plant.