The tritium dispersion simulation in the atmosphere by the integral transform technique using micrometeorological parameters generated by large eddy simulation

Moreira DM, Vilhena MT, Soares PMM, Dorado RM
International Journal of Nuclear Energy Science and Technology, 5:11-24,

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In this work, we report a numerical and statistical comparison between Advection-Diffusion Multilayer Method (ADMM) and Generalised Integral Laplace Transform Technique (GILTT) approaches to simulate a radioactive pollutant dispersion inthe Atmospheric Boundary Layer (ABL) using micrometeorological parametersgenerated by Large Eddy Simulation (LES). To better describe the wind profile of the irregular ground level terrain, we considered the wind profile as a solution of the MesoNH model. We performed numerical simulations and comparisons against the data of Angra dos Reis-Brazil field experiments.