Self-organization of antiperiodic oscillations

Freire JG, Cabeza C, Marti AC, Pöschel T, Gallas JAC
Eur. Phys. J. Special Topics 223, 28572867 (2014),

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Antiperiodic oscillations forming infinite cascades of spirals were recently found experimentally and numerically in the control parameter space of an autonomous electronic circuit. They were discovered while recording one specific voltage of the circuit. Here, we show that such regular self-organization may be measured in any of the four variables of the circuit. Although the relative size of individual phases, their boundaries and the number of peaks of each characteristic oscillation depends on the physical quantity used to record them, the global structural organization of the complex phase diagrams is an invariant of the circuit. Tunable families of antiperiodic oscillations cast fresh light on new intricate behavior of nonlinear systems and open the possibility of studying hitherto unobserved phenomena.