Patrícia Páscoa Ramos

PhD Students


Instituto Dom Luiz
Faculdade de Ciências, Universidade de Lisboa
Campo Grande, Edf. C8, Piso 3, Sala 8.3.15
1749-016 Lisboa

Areas of Scientific activity

Hydric resources, droughts, climate variability, climate change, vegetation dynamics


Patrícia is currently working in Instituto Dom Luiz on the Project IMDROFLOOD. She has previously worked on the project QSECA. Her main tasks include the assessment of drought impacts on vegetation activity on several countries, using vegetation indices and drought indices. She has also used these indices to assess drought trends, land degradation, and the impacts of drought on cereal yields in the Iberian Peninsula.

Previously she worked in two projects in the Hydraulic, Hydric Resources and Environment Laboratory, in the University of Coimbra, where she carried out experimental work in the field of urban drainage.?


  • 2011: Integrated MsC in Environmental Engineering at IST, University of Lisbon.