Thomas Cropper

Postdoctoral Fellow


Areas of Scientific activity

Global and Regional Climate Change, Atmosphere/Ocean Teleconnections, Coastal Upwelling, Climate Extremes, Iceberg Modelling


I graduated with a 1st Class BSc in Physical Geography from the University of Sheffield in 2009, followed by a Merit in MSc in Polar and Alpine Change awarded in January 2011. I started my PhD, "Climate Change Across the Macaronesian Geographical Region, 1850-2100", in October 2010, again at Sheffield, supervised by Professor Edward Hanna and Professor Grant Bigg. During November 2014 - February 2015 I worked with Professor Bigg as a Post-Doctoral Research Assistant on a short-term iceberg modelling project for Premier Oil. I started my latest position, as a Post-Doc working under the supervision of Dr Maria Antónia Valente on the ERA-CLIM2 project, in March 2015 at the Foundation of the Faculty of Sciences, Lisbon.

My research interests are Regional and global climate science and climate change, with a focus on Macaronesia and mid-latitude climates, the North Atlantic Oscillation, time series homogeneity, climate extremes, coastal upwelling, the ‘warm arctic-cold continents’ hypothesis, ocean/iceberg modelling and climate spatial and temporal variability across a variety of scales.


  • October 2010 - Graduation TBA: PhD "Climate Change Across the Macaronesian Geographical Region, 1850-2100", University of Sheffield
  • September 2009 - January 2011: MSc Polar and Alpine Change, University of Sheffield, Merit
  • September 2006 - July 2009: BSc Physical Geography, University of Sheffield, 1st Class

Awards and honors

  • Best Presentation, (2012), Royal Meteorological Society Student Conference 2012 (invited to write article for Weather, based on the talk)
  • Hart Prize, (2008), Best performance in Physical Geography, University of Sheffield