Álvaro Peliz

Senior Researcher IDL and Lecturer


Orchid: Álvaro Peliz

Areas of Scientific activity

Ocean Circulation, Mesoscale Dynamics, Ocean modeling, Ocean dispersion modelling, eddy-mean flow, eddy-topography processes


Álvaro Peliz is a Senior Researcher and Associate Professor at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon. His background is Geophysics/Physical Oceanography and his main research interests are the Ocean Circulation Dynamics, Mesoscale Dynamics with a special focus on the North Eastern Atlantic currents and eddy processes (e.g, Azores Current, the Mediterranean Outflow and Iberian Margin slope and Shelf Currents). He is also interested in ocean modelling and collaborates with the ROMS ocean modelling community (lately as part of the CROCO project). He also has collaborated extensively in the fields of Ocean Dispersal with applications to plankton ecology and other ocean environment topics.

Recently his attention is devoted to the study of geostrophic turbulence and the contributions of eddy-mean flow-topography interactions on the shaping of local circulation patters with application to the turbulent Mediterranean outflow plume. As supervisor 4 PhD projects in the field Ocean Dynamics and Ocean modelling already concluded and 3 ongoing, he also has been PI and Co PI of several national and international projects, and regular reviewer for a large number of Physical Oceanography Journals.


  • Post-Doc Researcher at IDL