Margarida Liberato

Senior Researcher


Areas of Scientific activity

Climatology, climate variability and change, extratropical cyclones, extreme events (windstorms, floods, droughts), natural hazards and impacts, water resources, Stratospheric-Tropospheric dynamical coupling


Margarida L. R. Liberato is Assistant Professor at UTAD and Researcher at the Instituto Dom Luiz (IDL), Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon. She has received her PhD in 2008 with an analysis of the extratropical stratosphere-troposphere circulation coupling using a 3D normal mode approach. Recently she has focused her research interests on the study of extratropical cyclones and storm-tracks variability, namely on natural hazards, extreme cyclones and cyclones with extreme impacts. She is the PI of STORMEx project: Mid-latitude North Atlantic Extreme Storms Variability: Diagnosis, Modeling Dynamical Processes and Related Impacts on Iberia. She is also participating in the international initiative of intercomparing extratropical cyclone detection and tracking algorithms (IMILAST - Intercomparison of mid latitude storm diagnostics) in order to assessing method-related uncertainties both using recent past and present climate reanalysis datasets and GCM simulations for future climate scenarios. Additionally she is also interested on the impact of climate variability and extremes on society.

Margarida L. R. Liberato has participated as member of the research team of several FCT and EU funded projects such as ENAC, STORMEx and QSECA and has been a Member of the Management Committee of the COST ESSEM Action ES0604. She has also participated as PI in several hand-on projects (Concurso Ciência Viva VI) as well as in several tasks of the FP7 ACCENT (Atmospheric Composition Change) NETWORK OF EXCELLENCE from 2006-2009 and of the ACCENT Plus NETWORK OF EXCELLENCE since 2010. She has fostered several International collaborations which have resulted on several peer-reviewed publications.


  • 2008: PhD in Physics (Meteorology), Physics Dept., Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon, Portugal.
  • 2000: MSc in Modeling of Marine Resources, Mechanical Engineering Dept., Instituto Superior Técnico, Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal.
  • 1996: Degree in Geophysical Sciences (Meteorology/Oceanography), Physics Dept., Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon, Portugal.


  • Assistant Professor at the Engineering Department, School of Sciences and Technology, University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro, Portugal.
  • Researcher at the Climatology and Climate Change Group, Instituto Dom Luiz (IDL) - Laboratório Associado, University of Lisbon, Portugal

Awards and honors

  • Early Career Scientist’s travel award by the WMO to participate in the 4th WCRP International Conference on Reanalyses (ICR4), in Maryland, USA (May, 2012).
  • Early Career Scientist’s travel award by the WMO to participate in the WCRP Open Science Conference - Climate Research in Service to Society, in Denver, USA (October, 2011).
  • Travel award by the Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics Department, Columbia University, New York (USA) to participate in the PlumbFest 2008 - A Symposium & Festschrift Celebrating Alan Plumb´s 60th Birthday, New York, USA (October, 2008).
  • Travel award offered by PEER (Partnership for European Environmental Research) and funded by the European Community to participate in the METIER (METhods of Interdisciplinary Environmental Research) Marie Curie Training Course on "Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere" at the JRC, Ispra, Italy (September, 2006).