Diogo Martins

PhD Students


Areas of Scientific activity

Climatology, crop and water modelling, Droughts, reference evapotranspiration.



Moreira E.E., Martins D.S., Pereira, L.S. (2014) Assessing drought cycles in SPI time series using a Fourier analysis.. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences Discussions, 2, 2731-2759.

Raziei, T., Martins, D.S., Bordi, I., Santos, J.F., Portela, M.M., Pereira, L.S., Sutera, A. (2014) SPI Modes of Drought Spatial and Temporal Variability in Portugal: Comparing Observations, PT02 and GPCC Gridded Datasets. . Water Resources Management, 1-18. DOI 10.1007/s11269-014-0690-3

Popova Z., Ivanova M., Martins D., Pereira L.S., Doneva K., Alexandrov V., Kercheva M. (2014) Vulnerability of Bulgarian agriculture to drought and climate variability with focus on rainfed maize systems. . Natural Hazards, 1-22.


Martins D.S., Raziei T., Paulo A.A., and Pereira, L.S. (2012) Spatial and temporal variability of precipitation and drought in Portugal. . Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, 12, 1493-1501.