Joćo Lucas Geirinhas

PhD Students


Instituto Dom Luiz
Faculdade de Ciências, Universidade de Lisboa
Campo Grande, Edf. C8, Piso 3, Sala 8.3.15
1749-016 Lisboa

Areas of Scientific activity

Climatology, Heat Waves, Human Impacts of Climate Change



Joćo L Geirinhas, Ana Russo, Renata Libonati, Pedro M Sousa, Diego G Miralles and Ricardo M Trigo (2021) Recent increasing frequency of compound summer drought and heatwaves in Southeast Brazil. Environmental Research Letters, 16(3), 034036. DOI: 10.1088/1748-9326/abe0eb


Geirinhas J.L., Russo A., Libonati R., Trigo R.M., Castro L. C. O., Peres L. F., Magalhćes M. A. F. M., Nunes B. (2020) Heat-related mortality at the beginning of the twenty-first century in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. International Journal of Biometeorology


Geirinhas J., Trigo R.M., Libonati R., Castro L.C.O., Sousa P.M., Coelho C.A.S., Peres L.F., Magalhćes M.A.F.M (2019) Characterizing the atmospheric conditions during the 2010 heatwave in Rio de Janeiro marked by excessive mortality rates. Science of the Total Environment, 650, 796-808, doi:


Geirinhas JL, Trigo RM, Libonati R, Coelho CAS,Palmeira AC (2018) Climatic and synoptic characterization of heat waves in Brazil. International Journal of Meteorology, Volume 38, Issue 4,